Thursday, August 15, 2013

Episode 4. 15th Aug Independence day Special. Video & Stories.

In this Independence special episode everybody got good rooms to stay. Tsunami kitty was having a problem with shower. Though he is from village he was not familiar with Shower AND foreign commode. Finally Pradeep came and taught him how to use it.

Everyday had their delicious breakfast and all got military t-shirts to  wear.

All got dressed up and landed to Drunk white lotus school, Shey village to celebrities 66th Independence day. This is the school where 3 idiots movie climax shoot.

Akul invited Kannadiga Army majors "Major Vijay" and "Major Prasad"  who working for Indian army in Ladakh area. Major Vijay welcomed all the contestants and thanked whole Indian Team and Crew for inviting them to celebrate. Akul asked how is the life of a soldier in that area.

Major said "Its not an easy going life and very difficult especially Ladakh. They have sacrificed so many things for the country. Major is working since 23 years and his 3rd tenure in Jammu & Kashmir. In the december january and february temperature will be in -43 c to -60c. Soldiers have to live their life in that highly critical climate in tented accomdation not in permanent accomdation. wherever and whomever comes they will protect the nation.

Major Vijay from Kodagu District and along with Akul and Major Prasad he hosted the flag. All the contestants sweets with school students and celebrated and came to task area.

Military Task dedicated to Indian Army.

Task overview:
This is the group task and each team has to cross the hurdles within minimum time

1.Crossing the net
2. Crossing the horizontal poles.
3.Crawling below the thorn.
4. Walk on stones
5. Crossing the small wooden made made bridge with small gaps.
6. Taking the hanged banner and have to cross the wooden tower there they have to display the banner.

Akul gave choice yesterday winner Blue team that whether they want to go first or second. And the captain if the blue team Mithun wanted to go second. Now first Red Team has to leave first. Akul now revealed that group has to tie their legs and with rope to each other and in that situation they have to cross the hurdles.

Both team completed the given task and all came to meeting area.

                                                           Meeting in Vote out area

Today also Blue team won the task and immunity idol remained with them. Because of Tsunami Kitty blue team won the task. Everybody gave him a big round of clap.And Red team was still in the vote out area. Everybody felt that Nirusha is not performing well as a captain and captain has to change. Vinod got selected as Red Team captain.

Secret vote out started.
1. Nirusha voted -> Sowmya

Sowmya->4 votes
Nirusha->3 votes
Bhuvan->1 votes.
                                                     Sowmya is in danger zone.

Tsunami Kitty's first ever shower bath

Sowmya showing Military T-shirt

Sushma in her Military T Shirt. Ready steady Go.

Am I looking like a soldier. Yesssss. Tsunami Kitty.

Akul in Army Major outfit

Drunk white lotus school, Shey village

Major Vijay, Major Prasad & Akul

Flag hosting

This is where 3 idiot Climax shoot. Guys imitaing the same.

4 idiots.

Jumping star Mahesh back flip.

Miltary task area.


They have crawl below here

Red team first step

Red team 

Red team

Red team crossing the barriers

On the stones

Crawling on mud

Wooden bridge

Getting the banner

Displaying thr banner

And Celebration

Its time for Blue Team. Ready steady go.

Blue Team

about to fall

Fell and put them in trouble. But Tsunami Kitty resolved the rope scramble

2nd hurdle

4th hurdle

5th hurdle

Final and celebrated and Won the task.


  1. Please provide the info about this site to all your viewers so that they can place their comments here. I think most viewers do not know about this site.

    1. Dear Manjunath
      This is not an official blog. We are some guys staying outside India. Just for fun we are doing this. That's it.

      Keep visiting our blog and keep leave your comments how we are doing?

      Thank you.

    2. Oh! is it. But you are doing excellent job. Even official website did not have so much info when it came to another reality show BiggBoss. Guys keep it up. Good Work Indeed!!!!!!

    3. Thank You Mr.Manjunath. :)

  2. Give this opportunity to us also because when you are selecting the contestant more are rich & celebrities why can't you us also chance, poor people also can do something & they also wanted one platform to recognize themselves. I know you will say attend audition test but we have no information about this because you will not announce at TV show so how can we attend without information. "This is my humble request give a chance to us".

    1. This is not an official blog. We are some guys staying outside India. Just for fun we are doing this. That's it.

      By the way each and every contestant is not rich but may some of them. Tsunami Kitty and Mahesh are not from rich family.
      And vinod is from middle class family. rest of them may be higher middle class family and rich family.

      Media wants to increase their TRP. For that they will do anything. But when compare to national reality show in Kannada language reality shows poor and middle class guys and girls are getting chances.